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There are 4 basic signs your vehicle's exhaust system is out of order. Obviously, a loud noise is one of them. However, there are other signs that something is wrong with your vehicle. We can offer you a wide range of high quality, durable exhaust systems at http://www.carid.com/exhaust-systems.html. But first of all, we would like to pay your attention to some of the common exhaust system problems, their possible explanation and potential solutions. The good news is that the entire exhaust system replacement is not required, and you can simply replace some of the performance parts in order to fix the problem.

Exhaust systems and excessive noise

A rumbling, rattling, or even hissing sound may indicate some serious troubles. A hissing sound, in particular, may point to the fact that the exhaust gases are redirected into the cabin, which poses immediate danger to your life and should be fixed as soon as possible. Rumbling and rattling noises (especially deep ones) may point to a mechanical damage, which may not be as ‘immediately’ dangerous, yet it still indicates the need of a repair. The sooner you turn to a mechanic, the better, as usually the longer you neglect the problem, the higher the cost of your future repair becomes.

Exhaust Systems

Loss of power

A sudden loss of power is not always connected to the engine trouble – quite often, it may be a sign of damaged exhaust pipes, or a problem with your catalytic converter. The latter is actually one of the most expensive performance parts in the exhaust system, yet driving with a damaged converter may cause serious damage to your car and pose danger to your life. Great news is that CARiD offers a wide range of original and aftermarket exhaust parts, and purchasing an aftermarket part can help you save a lot of money.

Excessive fuel consumption

If you noticed that your car has started to consume more fuel than usual, you may be having muffler troubles. Typically, muffler replacement is not very expensive, yet the sooner you do it, the better. Plus, a problem with fuel efficiency may once again point to exhaust leaks, which is extremely dangerous, as instead of routing exhaust fumes outside, the system routes them inside, directly into your cabin.

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Muffler rust

Even though it sounds rather obvious, you should still check your muffler for rust and other external damage signs. Remember that performance parts are not designed to last forever, and all mufflers deteriorate with the course of time. Replacing a damaged or worn out muffler may help you optimize your fuel efficiency, keep your vehicle as powerful as it is supposed to be, and prevent your exhaust pipes from further damage. So once you noticed your muffler shows signs of wear, visit your mechanic as soon as possible – otherwise, you risk spending a lot more money on future repairs.

Exhaust systems replacement and repairs

All in all, it is always wiser to consult a professional instead of trying to fix the problem yourself. Depending on your particular problem, the cost of the repair will vary. Most usually, only those drivers that neglect the problem for a really long time, finally face the need of replacing the whole system. Yet, as a rule, if you troubleshoot the problem in time and replace malfunctioning performance parts as soon as possible, the cost of the repair will be affordable. If your mechanic confirms the need of the repair, you will then have two major options: ordering performance parts and exhaust systems in the repair shop, or purchasing them independently. The latter option typically allows you to save some money. To remind you, CARiD is one of the leading automotive accessories and parts online stores in the United States. Here you will have a wide choice of high quality, affordable, and the most important – durable exhaust performance parts online. We offer both original and aftermarket parts, so if you want to purchase a great product at a reasonable price, feel free to browse through our selection.