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Get a performance exhaust system to add more power, improve fuel economy, and enjoy incredible sound.

Exhaust Systems Guide

Ford Mustang Exhaust Systems

Car owners purchase accessories and services for their rides with the hope that these will satisfy their needs and demands. When it occurs custom exhaust systems high cost not necessarily means a better performance and satisfaction for the customer. While ordering a new car part such as performance exhaust kits, you need to know everything not to mistake. Here are some basics principles for you how to choose and buy custom exhaust systems and prevent you from spending more.

The OE exhaust system is a compromise of space limitations, noise, warranty, and cost. The pipe configurations and stock type mufflers cause some back-pressure, which adversely influence car's performance. Also most of the standard exhaust manifolds are produced of cast-iron, because it is much cheaper and quicker for manufacturing than a exhaust manifold of crafted branch. The silencers also aren't produced to enhance the gas flow out of the combustion chamber. In that case the engine needs to force the exhaust gasses out of the combustion chamber on the exhaust stroke. Due to that the chamber still needs to spend some gas inside when the new charge of air-fuel mixture arrives. The case worsens when the engine revolutions increase. It is so because of the back pressure in the exhaust system - the engine has to pump more gas through the restrictive outlet. When the piston has finished traveling down far enough to draw in the intake charge, you will have a very much diluted mixture, further reducing the efficiency of the engine.

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

The main purpose of the performance exhaust systems is controlling the exhaust and emissions produced by the vehicle's engine. Smoothly bent pipes, headers, relatively free flowing mufflers and a balance pipe will result in a more efficient exhaust system causing for greater performance. A professionally designed exhaust system will also draw the gasses out of the chamber, using the momentum of the gas traveling down the pipe to suck the residual gasses out of the combustion chamber. That doesn't only purge the combustion chamber, but draws more mixture into the chamber during the valve overlap phase as well. That means, instead of experiencing high pressure exhaust gas popping into the inlet tracts, you now have a partial vacuum inside the combustion chamber, which pulls the fresh charge into the chamber whenever the intake valve opens.

Performance Exhaust kitst are produced Far gas and diesel cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles with a lifetime warranty and won't effect OE warranties. With such solutions as stainless steel or aluminized and five different exhaust exits, you will definitely choose one from the line of performance cat-back systems with the style, tone, brilliant engineering and torque. The performance and durability of these parts are also quite impressive. Almost all of the parts come zinc-plated with heavy-duty stainless steel clamps and offer the maximum exhaust flow for the most efficient exhaust and have three to four- inch tailpipes. Custom Dual Cat-back Exhaust gains up to 10-15 hp and 15-20lb-ft of torque increase and will effect in better fuel efficiency. All exhaust systems are easy for installation, bring a look and a decrease in the negative exhaust damage to your car.

Last but not least, aftermarket offers great Performance Headers. Each item is Dyno-tested for street and off-road vehicles, raised or lowered they will cool down engine's temperature during extreme off-road racing, or highway trips. One of the best qualities is that you can use the stock crossover pipe and drop the headers in as exact replacements of factory manifolds. Great features of custom headers include: 50 state street legal, OEM style connections, laser cut port flanges, air injection and oxygen sensor fittings, and the fact that there is no need for welding as they are completely bolt-on.